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2021-12-01 03:56:47 By : Mr. Wisen Wu

Revealed in preview at iREX 2019, the new collaborative robots stand out for their intuitive operation even for less experienced users

CRX-10iA is the name of the new collaborative robot revealed in absolute preview by FANUC on the occasion of iREX 2019, the worldwide reference event for robotics that took place in Tokyo on December 18-21.

The new CRX-10iA cobot represents FANUC's response to the challenges posed to the manufacturing industry by production scenarios that require more and more flexibility, competitiveness in terms of performance and prices in the face of a progressive reduction in qualified operators.

The cobot is programmed directly from the tablet

It is aimed in particular at small to medium-sized companies, and at all those realities that have as their objective the automation of processes but which have not yet invested in robots. Compared to the already renowned line of collaborative robots CR, the CRX range stands out for its lightness, flexibility and ergonomic design, as well as for the even more intuitive interface and the possibility of programming the robot directly from the tablet.

CRX-10iA is an ultra-light collaborative robot, characterized by a wrist load capacity of 10 kg and an outreach of 1.2 meters (which becomes 1.4 in the extended “L” version). By virtue of these characteristics, it is suitable for the realization of innovative applications such as those that include the installation of the robot on automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

At iREX, the CRX-10iA is engaged in an application involving the loading of metal blocks into the ROBODRILL CNC machining center, with the help of a 3D vision sensor.

The other innovations in the FANUC robot range

At iREX FANUC also presented the new delta robot DR-3iB / 8L, with payload of 8 kg and suitable for the food industry (hence the white color of the livery), and the new SCARA SR-12iA robot, which increases potential of the SR series with a strong arm capable of handling up to 12 kg.

Furthermore, the new industrial robot M-800iA / 60 presents itself as the perfect solution for fiber laser cutting and welding thanks to the integration with laser oscillator. This integration leads to excellent synchronization, as the laser power is automatically controlled by the precise movement of the robot, and also offers simple programming of laser processes on the Teach Pendant. This solution is of interest for the automotive industry, for example in the precision machining of doors or bodies.

New artificial intelligence functions of robots

FANUC has also introduced two new artificial intelligence functions for its robots: these are AI Bin Picking and AI Error Proof.

AI Bin Picking - available for the FIELD system - allows a robot equipped with a vision system to pick randomly arranged parts. The robot learns by itself how and which part to pick, referring to previous bin picking experiences. This self-learning is further enhanced by information provided by a human operator during programming (annotation function).

In turn, AI Error Proof allows the robot to successfully inspect the pieces and precisely identify those to be rejected. Today robots, sensors and machines are networked, forming a single intelligent manufacturing system. By developing a wide range of AI functions for robots, FANUC is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced solutions for the factory of the future.

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BitMAT Edizioni is a publishing house based in Milan with a 360 ° coverage as regards communication aimed at information & communication technology specialists.


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